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Life In The UK Test

The Life in the UK test is one of the requirements for becoming a British citizen or for settling in the UK.  Passing the test will complete one of the requirements which will form part of your application to the Home Office.

Preparing For The Life In The UK Test

In order to prepare for the test, we would recommend studying from the official guide book: Life in the United Kingdom: A Guide For New Residents. There are several informational resources provided by the publisher and other online providers to assist with preparing for the exam.

We also encourage you to take our online Life In The UK Quiz.  Each quiz has 24 questions and is timed as if it were the real test.

Click the links below to start The Life In The UK Quiz!

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Booking The Life In The UK Test

You can book the Life In The UK test via the following Home Office web page:  The price for booking the test is £50. If you fail the test, you will have to pay for booking each subsequent exam.

The Test

  • There will be 24 multiple choice questions
  • You will have 45 minutes to complete the exam
  • You are required to achieve 75% (18 correct answers)

Exemptions From Taking The Life In The UK Test