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What to Expect

We realize that immigration and visa applications can be a stressful time for people. Our goal is to make the process as easy as possible for our clients. To help give you an idea of how we work, below we have outlined a typical timeline of events.

7 steps to success - timeline showing how the immigration application process works

How our Immigration Application Process works

To give you peace of mind, we will keep you updated at every stage. Below is a typical timeline as a valued client of full legal representation by QC Immigration.


We start a confidential discussion by understanding your history, personal circumstances and future plans. We will clearly outline the best options available and any recommendations to save you time and costs.
This cost is deductible from the service fee should you proceed with us. We work on a fixed cost basis only – no hourly fees, no hidden fees.

Client signs instruction to commence

Once you instruct us to be your legal representative, we start preparing your case. We may require further information about you so that we understand your circumstances better, to help you more effectively.
A deposit is due at this stage.

List of documents

Documentation is the most crucial part of an immigration application. We will customise a list of documents to guide your preparation. Your dedicated lawyer will review these documents and advise any improvements needed.

Application Preparation

We will complete your application to the Home Office. We may also write a cover letter with strong legal arguments where relevant. We may discuss with you to confirm final details.
Any outstanding fees is due at this stage.

Application Submission

We will submit your application to the Home Office securely. We will then continue to be the main point of contact with the Home Office for any further requests.

Interview Preparation

In some cases, you may be invited to a Home Office interview. While this may sound daunting, we will help you to prepare and provide guidance on what questions to expect.

Home Office Decision

As soon as we receive a decision from the Home Office, we will get in touch with you to share the news.

The timeline for each application may vary depending on the complexity of the case and the availability of documents. Typically we could prepare an application within 7 days. We can work to a much faster timeframe if our clients require us to. Home Office guidelines state that decisions may take up to 6 months. In our experience, well-prepared applications can receive decisions much quicker than that. Speak to us about the Priority and VIP services which may be available for your application type.