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Tier 2 General Visa

You can apply for a Tier 2 General visa if you:

  • you have been offered a skilled job in the UK
  • are from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland
  • have an ‘appropriate’ salary
  • have the required level of English (CEFR level B1)
  • you have £945 in your bank account for 90 days before you apply.

You need to have a certificate of sponsorship from a licensed sponsor before you can apply. The work you do in the UK must relate to the work of your sponsor organisation.

You can apply for a Tier 2 General visa is for skilled workers who have been offered a job in the UK and you are from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland.

You can come to the UK with a Tier 2 General visa for a maximum of 5 years and 14 days, or the time given on your certificate of sponsorship plus 1 month, whichever is shorter. Your stay must start no more than 14 days before the start date on your certificate of sponsorship. You can apply to extend this visa for up to another 5 years, as long as your total stay is not more than 6 years.

The Tier 2 General visa route also applies to dependent family members, so they can come with you to the UK on this visa.  They must have a visa if they are from outside the EEA or Switzerland.

The earliest you can apply is up to 3 months before the day you’re due to start work in the UK.

Link to the Home Office website

If you would like to learn more about the how we can help you with a Tier 2 General visa application, please contact QC Immigration today.

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